The Most Common Question

The most common question I get about The Suitable World:

Won’t the suit get nasty after 21 days of continuous wear?  

The short answer is (I hope) no. 

We gather dust, skin and hair on the clothing we wear.   When these aren’t removed they settle into the fabric and your clothing gets stale.   The answer to this is not to immediately opt for the washing machine (which is brutal) or dry cleaner (which is expensive and often toxic).   There are simple habits you can use to keep your clothes in good shape.

These habits come from an earlier time when it was very common to have one suit in your wardrobe.   Drawing on that tradition, here is the regime I will employ to keep the suit wearable over the 21 day journey:

  • I will brush the suit at the end of each day to remove any unwanted material
  • I will properly store the suit each night - this means fresh air if possible and always a proper hanger
  • I will only put on the suit when I am clean.  This means a daily bath (unless utterly impossible) before suiting up. 
  • All of my undergarments will be clean beneath the suit each day.   Thus my packing list has two pair of undergarments.

This list will likely grow as the project develops.  Any other thoughts or comments on suit care are welcome.