Chapter Two: Istanbul and Venice

Tomorrow The Suitable World heads out on a 12 day trip to Istanbul and Venice.    Same suit (which emerged from a dry cleaner in Cahors respectably clean and crisp), same rules. 

We planned this almost a year ago but the itinerary feels timely.   Venice and Istanbul (née Constantinople) have a storied history of commercial, artistic and military exchange that shaped the Mediterranean.

Both cities have art biennales happening at a time of chaotic regional struggle and self-reflection. At the very least I hope to take-in how art is perceiving the existential crises (whose causes and consequences are deeply connected) happening both in Europe and the Middle East.

The suit will often be stripped down to accommodate warmer weather  

This journey will be more casual which means fewer posts, fewer pics and certainly no gallery show at the end.  I will try to post daily to Facebook and Instagram with longer forms posts coming when the spirit moves me.

Thanks for staying tuned.