The Calling Card

The Suitable World calling card (first edition) is now sent to the printers.  Here is the front:

It is modeled directly after this one (thanks mssr. Ira J Foster)

The Suitable World is always teetering on the brink of nostalgia - harkening back to an era when travel was synonymous with adventure and the unknown.  The trick is to borrow from that age but not too liberally.  I want the most of its spirit but only a few of its devices.   

The calling card will be used to socialize the concept of The Suitable World, send people to the site for more information and generally convey the spirit of the project through an old visual trope: the suited man of society paying a social call.  

We went back and forth over whether the back should carry the inscription;  “no, no… the pleasure is all mine”.   In the end we weren’t sure if people would think that too sarcastic.   The mantra that we have for the project is what finally made it to the back, “In Time. Out of Place.  For Now.”   

We did a very small print run of these to test them out.   We are already leaning towards a more simple card but this was a lot of fun to make.   

Thanks so Yvette for slaving over Photoshop to make this happen.