The Suit Has Arrived

After about six months of planning and design,  Dean texted me this week to tell me that the suit had arrived.


I headed over to Copperfield yesterday where Ralph took a final fitting of the waistcoat.  He hand made the waistcoat and it will be one of his last as he is retiring this year.   He pointed out how the check patterns across the entire waistcoat are completely aligned - a difficult effect to create but beautiful.  The buttons will be made of the same fabric as the suit.  I have debated this since fabric buttons will show wear more easily.  But fabric buttons it will be.

 The suit is impeccable - and fit with very few modifications - just a bit of length on the leg and a slight narrowing of the jacket.   

Today we did the video shoot with Hugo and Marc.   We are producing an introductory video to explain the project in more detail.    More on that coming soon.