I Smell Like Horse, Of Course

I would like to say today is day three of The Suitable World.  Hell, I would like to say it is day ten. That would at least mean the suit had made a soft entry into Iceland.  However, we rode the fabled Icelandic horse today and my horse had other plans for the suit.   Here is a brief video we shot at the end of the day.

In this video I make the horse out to be a villainous culprit.  He was actually a lovely and rather docile character.   I simply have zero skills.  

This place is like a new earth… with lumpy, moss-covered lava-fields, glacial floes stripping out new canyon-land and fierce blue lakes and streams everywhere.   I am writing this at midnight. The sky is a milky-dusk.  By the time this project ends - on solstice - there will only be about a 2 hour window where the sun just dips below the horizon before returning.    Even with all that sunlight it is cold and made colder by the wind.   We will begin including more visuals soon.

Everyone in Iceland that has encountered the project has been wonderfully supportive and enthused.  It is early days but despite the suit getting hammered, we are feeling great. 

Many thanks to the indomitable Kristján for the incredible experience today and for helping us sort through many of the logistics before getting on the ground here.   He has been an anchor (and he knows how to ride a horse!)