In Praise of The Gaiter: Hengill Thermal Zone

We are entering day three (technically speaking).  It is beautiful here in a way that makes you feel like a small and vulnerable thing moving through the landscape.

We hiked into the Hengill geothermal zone - furiously boiling mud pots, sulfurous cauldrons and steaming vents among the screes.    Everywhere you turn nature here is kinetic.    It is in the act.

The suit took quite the beating yesterday.  Today I was chastened and wore my gaiters (a protective sheath for the lower leg).   Tonight I sing in praise of gaiters.     

Being out of Place

This will be the subject of a more thoughtful post in time...  But for now let me say that the suit provoked quite a few reactions today; from the curious, to the mirthful, to the occasional disdainful glance.  

Being "suitable but out of place" has always been core to the project; what happens when you don this costume that is loaded with meaning and place it in contexts where it no longer belongs?   I asked for it.   That said, I felt shy and at first found it hard to respond to the attention.   Being out of place is something I am not used to. 

Panorama photos: J. Ross (on my dated iPhone 5!).  All other photos: Yvette Molina