Lost In The Supermarket

We tend to have a proprietary feeling over the music that has made an imprint on our lives and so it is a curious sensation to hear the songs of our childhood played in faraway places.  

That being said, I salute the groceries of Iceland (Bonus, Kronar, Netto) for their impeccable taste in music.  A small sampling of what we have heard across the island:

  • Nick Drake:  River Man 
  • Beach Boys: Good Vibrations 
  • Elton John:  Benny and the Jets
  • Al Green: Tired of Being Alone 
  • Radiohead: High and Dry 
  • Crowded House: Don’t Dream It’s Over
  • The Beatles:  A Little Help From My Friends 
  • Beck:  Lost Cause

If that is what you are hearing… this is what you are seeing; the sweet temptations and savoury, tinned delicacies at the grocery.

I think you could make a TV show out of going grocery shopping in different countries, the packaged foods they sell, the protocols, history and, most importantly, their taste.   They are as much a part of the culture as the restaurants.  They are intimate, the things we take into our homes; the guilty pleasures and moments where convenience trumps preparedness.  I would watch that show.  Would you?   

Bourdain… are you in?

I would, of course, also want to know how they choose their soundtracks.  Is it the caprice of some hipster food-stocker or is this some mega-corporate, focus-group initiative ("people buy more seafood when hearing Nick Drake…")?