Leaving Iceland

We have now returned from Iceland.  I will be posting several follow ups - not always in chronological order.

We flew from Reykjavik to London on Thursday (June 27), completing the final leg of The Suitable World.   Day 1 and Day 28 were thus bookended by airports.

Clean-shaven in a pristine suit at Gatwick airport.  May 29th.  

We were obviously “over-dressed” as fellow travellers in the obligatory uniform (tennis shoes, jeans, brightly coloured outdoor jacket and backpack) flowed around us like so much water from the same river.  

Moving through the terminal I was reminded of my grandparents when they would fly south to visit.  My grandfather dusted off the only suit I ever saw him in;  a coffee-brown, two-button number with white shirt and a turquoise bolo tie. My grandmother put on her finest.   They were California farmers and commercial flight had developed during their lifetime.  To the end of their days flying was an occasion and it warranted the respect of wearing fine clothing.   

A rather crumpled but still-dignified return to London...